My First Post Thing-A-Doodle

Wed 01 June 2016

Hello! I've decided to get my projects blog going again, and decided to use Pelican, because I'm using Python a lot these days, and ... Pelican uses Python.

I once ran a WordPress (I know...) blog that had at least one fairly popular post ('How to Compile Irssi on OS X'), in which people actually began contacting me on twitter to thank me for it, after the comment function on that (yucky) site broke. So, I thought I'd document my projects again in a simpler-to-maintain fashion, and hopefully make it easier for people to contact me. Also, it'll be a nice place to put the progress and output of my various projects.

Anyhow, expect to see the theme of this site change drastically in the first few weeks, as I reacquaint myself with CSS and responsive design. Hopefully, I'll also get my posts organized into categories, as this won't be just for computer stuff.

Category: Projects